Since long plenty of wordpress appointment booking plugins are in market which are in more demand due to pandemic. Let us understand the importance & usefulness to such wp booking plugins for your business.

We pretty much know that businesses are seeing difficulties they have never experienced before but here is a chance to make these adversities into opportunities. So let’s understand an example how you can change the outlook for your business for upcoming future:

Mr. X is a well know dentist who is operating a dental clinic with 2 more dentists Mr. Y & Ms. Z. Each of them are expert with a specific skills like:

Sr No.PersonExpertise
1Mr. XBonding, Braces, Bridges / Dentures, Cleaning, Crown / Cap Filling
2.Mr. YGum Surgery, Implants, Nitrous Sedation, Root Canal, Sleep apnea, TMJ, Tooth Extraction
3.Ms. ZVeneers, Whitening, Wisdom Teeth Removal

Now with 3 professionals (X,Y,Z) total 15 services (expert areas) they want to smoothen their operations with following goals:

  1. Appointment of patients should be scheduled as per the following rules
  2. According to services requested by the patient, it should go to the respective expert dentist
  3. Appointments must be booked according to the availability of a dental expert (Like on a certain date/day if the dentist is available then the only patient should book an appointment)
  4. Appointments must be booked as per the capacity of serving patients as per dental expert (Like Mr. X can attend 3 patients in an hour, Mr. Y can serve 4 and so on)
  5. Our dentist should also get an alert whenever any patient has booked an appointment
  6. The payment as per service & dentist should be taken online (Like Mr. X is charging 200 USD for bonding, Mr. Y is charging 300 USD for implants etc)
  7. They should be able to analyze data whenever needed

Now, imagine with manual efforts if you are doing it, you need to hire somebody to maintain all the registers. Also there are many problems which can’t be ignored like:

  1. Human error in scheduling an appointment
  2. They can’t send information digitally to their patients if they don’t have the contact details (Like: they can’t send advisory email to patients quickly as they don’t have data on fingertips.)
  3. Operational hurdles increases as people need to co-ordinate more as there is no automation

Now what if they are given a tool through which they can book appointments (as per above goals) in an automated way directly through their existing website? Wow, their lives will become much easier.

Now imagine your business with your example whether it is spa, salon, doctor, attorney, gym or anything where you can manage appointments efficiently; you will bring following benefits for your business & customers:

  1. Better communication with customers
  2. Automation in appointment booking will lead to fewer operational headaches
  3. Advance payment
  4. Safety of customers is a concern which will be resolved with contactless booking system
  5. Bring a more professional outlook to your business

If you are looking for a similar wordpress appointment booking plugin, ‘Appointment Buddy’ can be a good choice for you. You can take a free demo from here to validate all the above features are available with extra features like 2-way gmail synchronization, unlimited service & staff management, no-show management, etc. We also offer customization to support your other requirements.

So if you want to give a better way to your customers to schedule their appointments; Appointment buddy is the best choice for WP online appointment booking plugin with a calendar.